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Worktops That Last
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Three steps to your dream Worktops

from the heart of Buckinghamshire

Make your kitchen the star room of your house with stunning quartz and natural stone worktops. Pick among a huge range of colours and patterns that will enhance your kitchen’s elegance and flow beautifully with your overall design.

2. Bespoke Professional Installation

All BucksMarble worktops are made to measure. The latest technology allows for laser-precise measuring and templating. We’ll cut the worktops so they fit into your kitchen perfectly, and our professional team will install them and provide the finishing touches by hand.

3. Exquisite Worktops

High-quality materials that go straight from the factory into your home are full-bodied and provide a high-class look. The realistic, translucent colours and patterns run through the full depth of the material and create a classy, elegant finished look.

Pamela JoycePamela Joyce
11:12 25 May 22
I had my kitchen worktops and a new sink put in at the beginning of April. The guys were fantastic, fast and thorough. Love love love the quartz, it was a great experience.
Pippa SawyerPippa Sawyer
10:27 16 May 22
We're absolutely delighted with our new granite kitchen worktops from Bucks Marble. We wanted to use a local business and sourced a lot of quotes (watch out because some companies say they are local but aren't). The showroom in Chesham has lots of samples and George gave great advice. The price was competitive and the process of removing the old and fitting the new worktops was easy. Our kitchen is transformed! Highly recommended.
Emma HunterEmma Hunter
20:56 06 Apr 22
Bucks marble are great to deal with! After be let down by another local worktop supplier we went to Bucks marble in utter panic however! we did not need to! they measured, quoted, templated and fitted within a week. Done everything they said they would when they said they were going to do it and above all have done a fantastic job! We love our worktops and could not have done it without them, they were an absolute pleasure to work with.I would highly recommend them to anyone a great family business.
Jenny LavilleJenny Laville
09:30 04 Apr 22
These guys are heroes. I'd been let down at the last minute by another firm and they stepped in. Measured, made and fitted my worktop within a couple of days, they really went above and beyond to help me out. All for a very reasonable price. If that's not enough, they are really lovely, professional guys. Honestly couldn't ask for more. So happy with my worktop!
Hatty NaylorHatty Naylor
20:22 15 Mar 22
Can’t thank you all enough! Friendly helpful team who are very easy to work. 5* service I would highly recommend! Very excited to see there lovely furniture to fill our new house with! Thank you again guys!
from the Heart of Buckinghamshire

High-Quality Worktops

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, there’s nothing more critical than worktops. They must be both the focal point that stands out and complement the rest of the kitchen. Therefore, searching for bespoke Chesham worktops is a significant first step.

Stone worktops are naturally durable and resistant, so they’ll not only make your kitchen look splendid, but they’ll also serve your family for years to come. Our high-quality materials that look divine are the perfect fit for anyone.

As proud Buckinghamshire residents, we at BucksMarble strive on enriching our community in any way we can. And just like the dignified swan on our logo, we aim to bring elegance and class with our worktops into every home. We’ll ensure that your new worktops fit your space beautifully and last you practically a lifetime.

Straight From the Factory

Into Your Home

A kitchen remodel isn’t something you’ll do every year. So, when you decide to do it, you must do it right. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to execute a project like that. Therefore, it’s critical that it looks not only impressive but also precisely how you envisioned it.

That’s why getting made to measure worktops that come straight from the factory and are perfectly cut is an excellent idea. 

BucksMarble worktops are of the highest quality. We’re sourcing the material directly to you. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with resellers. Not to mention, we have decades of experience in the business. So, we can guarantee that only the top-notch worktops make their way to our customers. 

We are a family company that cherishes time-honoured values and tradition. That is why we treat every customer as a part of our little close-knit community. We strive to only deliver the best possible product and help each customer on the journey to having their morning cup of tea in their new, exquisite kitchen.

Natural Durability

Natural stone and quartz worktops provide the highest levels of durability. They can withstand the test of time like no other material and are virtually indestructible.

Natural Durability

Natural stone and quartz worktops provide the highest levels of durability. They can withstand the test of time like no other material and are virtually indestructible.

Exceptional Display

Every BucksMarble worktop is unique and different from the rest. Each slab of natural stone has particular mineral patterns and tones that create delicate and ethereal effects.

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