How To Clean Quartz Worktops? Tips From A Worktop Specialist

clean quartz worktops

Selecting the right material for your kitchen worktop is a pivotal choice in the journey of remodelling your kitchen. Here at Bucksmarble, our customers often look for worktop material that combines beauty with easy maintenance, and the answer remains constant – quartz. Aside from being an aesthetic choice, quartz is very low-maintenance and easy to clean. If you’re wondering how to clean quartz worktops effectively, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to get practical tips on how to keep your surfaces in pristine condition.

Why Quartz Is the Supreme Worktop Material

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Quartz stands out as the leading preference for worktop materials, consistently favoured by UK homeowners for decades. Quartz worktops typically consist of about 90-95% natural quartz crystals mixed with resins and other additives. This creates a material that is scratch-resistant and incredibly durable. In addition, quartz is non-porous, which means that bacteria and other harmful chemicals cannot easily penetrate the surface. For spaces bustling with activities like cooking and cleaning, opting for quartz is a savvy and pragmatic choice.

How to Choose the Right Quartz Worktop

Choosing the ideal quartz worktop for your kitchen is an exciting venture, offering flexibility in colour, texture, and finish. Take your time, explore the options, and enjoy the process of creating a kitchen that fits your unique vision. If you feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choices, the best step is to contact your local worktop supplier and get a professional recommendation based on your needs.


Needless to say, choosing a quartz worktop colour is a personal preference. With quartz, you have the creative freedom to pick a colour that suits your style, whether it’s a sleek marble-like design or a rich, dark pattern. The vast array of colours ensures that you can find the perfect match for your unique taste, adding a touch of personality to your culinary space.

Texture and Finish

Quartz worktops can emulate various textures, providing options that mimic the natural feel of stone or offer a smooth, polished surface. Consider the overall ambiance you wish to create in your kitchen, and choose a texture and finish that harmonises with your vision. Ultimately, the combination of colour, texture, and finish allows you to tailor your quartz worktop to both your practical needs and aesthetic preferences.

How To Clean Quartz Worktops

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Good news for those who own quartz worktops: keeping them clean is a breeze! All you need is water and a cloth for regular maintenance. For more stubborn stains, use a mild detergent that is not too abrasive. With these easy cleaning steps, your quartz worktops will remain in pristine condition with minimal effort on your part.

Step-by-Step Guide On How to Clean Quartz Worktops

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to remove spills or hardened food
  2. Apply a dab of mild detergent and warm water on the cloth
  3. Wipe away stains or debris
  4. Spray all-purpose cleaner to remove additional stains
  5. Wipe dry with a cloth

Additional Tips For Quartz Worktops Maintenance

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  • Clean your worktops regularly – We’ve already mentioned that quartz has a non-porous surface. Still, it is advised to clean quartz worktops immediately after spillage, so that the potential stain does not affect the surface over time. This is especially important for acidic substances, which can damage the surface of quartz worktops. Luckily, since quartz does not require special cleaning equipment, you can easily implement the habit of regularly wiping down your worktops.
  • Avoid using scouring pads or harsh chemicals – As mentioned above, a little bit of water goes a long way. There is no need for aggressive cleaning substances like scouring pads or bleach.
  • Be careful with hot cookware – While quartz is somewhat heat-resistant, prolonged exposure to heat (such as placing your hot pots and pans directly on the surface) can cause discoloration. If you want to explore better heat-resistant options, porcelain worktops have shown to be a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will quartz worktops stain?

While quartz worktops are stain-resistant, they are not entirely stain-proof. Quartz is more sensitive to acidic substances, which can lead to staining if not cleaned on time. However, quartz also has a low absorption rate compared to natural materials like marble, due to the use of resins and polymers during the manufacturing process.

Can you use bleach on quartz worktops?

Harsh chemicals, including bleach, could potentially ruin your quartz worktops. For tough stains on quartz worktops, it’s recommended to use a gentle detergent, as not to damage the surface.

How long do quartz worktops last?

Quartz worktops are extremely durable, hard-wearing and scratch resistant. Unless there is an accident, quartz worktops should last you a lifetime. That is, if you take aforementioned care and avoid harsh chemicals that lead to discoloration.

Wrapping Up

Busy homeowners and avid cooks should not think twice before investing in quartz worktops. Not only will you get the kitchen you’ve always wanted, but the low-maintenance of quartz will take weight off your shoulders. By choosing quartz, you will elevate both functionality and style of your cooking area, ensuring your kitchen remains a delightful and practical space for years to come.

Still, it is important to choose the right quartz worktop that will take your kitchen to the next level. We suggest that you seek expert advice, and book personalised quotation to get the kitchen of your dreams. 


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