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Timeless Sturdiness

If you’re looking for the sturdiest Buckinghamshire worktops, you might want to consider the toughest, most durable stone out there — quartz. Making design decisions can be difficult, especially when there’s an abundance of choice. However, quartz has quite a few benefits that make it an ideal choice when it comes to working surfaces.

This artificial stone is made out of some of the toughest minerals on earth. That’s what made it so popular lately. Some might think that quartz worktops are a wild carn and an uncommon choice. Well, although bold, quartz is actually a solid and dependable choice. Head and shoulders above all other materials when it comes to sturdiness, quartz can withstand what other natural stones can’t.

Not to mention, because it’s manufactured, quartz is also infinitely customisable. If you’re feeling restricted by nature when it comes to the selection of colours and patterns of your worktops, then quartz might be the material for you.

Warranted Durability

Given that this material is artificial, it’s understandably tougher than others. It practically has no weaknesses. It doesn’t stain, which means you won’t have to reseal it constantly. Furthermore, it doesn’t crack or scratch. Therefore, it’s an optimal material for busy kitchens and spaces that are used often. You won’t have to be as careful with quartz as you might be with other materials. And, at the same time, you’ll still have that elegant look of natural stone.

The Safest Option

Quartz is completely non-porous. That means that maintenance is a piece of cake. You don’t really have to do much except wipe down your worktops with a cloth. However, low maintenance isn’t the only benefit of this feature. Because nothing can penetrate it, quartz is the safest material out there. It means it’s impervious to bacteria and staining.

Bespoke Design

Man-made materials are more versatile. Although unique, natural stones come in standard colours and patterns, you can choose from. When it comes to quartz, imagination is the limit. Quartz can look any way we want it to as it’s customisable. That means that, rather than adjusting your design vision to the available material, you can adapt the material to fit your vision.

Eco-Friendly, With Limitless

Design Options

Quartz used to have a slightly bad reputation, given that it isn’t a completely natural material. Today, however, in the era of ecological awareness, where people strive for sustainability, quartz is the most common choice. 

Quartz manufacturing has been utterly perfected over the years. Today, it’s really difficult to spot if a worktop is quartz or real natural stone. That’s partially due to the specifics of the manufacturing. With over 90% of quartz being crushed pieces of natural stone, this material is actually more natural than most people think. It’s also eco-friendly. It doesn’t take as many resources and manpower to manufacture quartz as it does to mine natural stones. That makes it better for the environment.

Thanks to the manufacturing process that removes all weaknesses that other materials have, quartz is the most durable and sturdy material out there. 

Interested In Our Quartz Worktops

BUCKSMARBLE Quartz Worktops

Here at BUCKSMARBLE, we offer a wide variety of quartz worktops. However, we understand that this kind of assortment can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why you’ll always find a helping hand at our showroom. We’ll gladly help you make the perfect choice for your space and offer our expert advice.

The BUCKSMARBLE team will always be eager to not only listen to your design vision but also help you execute it. To do that, we have a simple three-step process that starts with picking the right quartz colour and pattern and ends with you marvelling at your bright and shiny new worktops.

Affordable Quotations

After you pick the quartz design (or designs) that work best for you, we’ll give you an estimate of how much the project will cost. Our quotations come with no obligations, as we know just how difficult decision making can be during a kitchen or home remodel. However, considering that we offer the best Amersham and Chesham worktops as well as the best services in Buckinghamshire county, we’ll most likely move on to steps two and three of our perfected process.

Template Measuring and Precision Fabrication

After you’ve done the hard part (which is picking the material), we’ll order the quartz. Once it arrives, we’ll precisely measure your space in order to ensure that we cut the perfect quartz worktops for you. This is a fairly simple step that doesn’t require much of you. All you have to do is sit back and wait for us to do our thing. Thanks to the latest technology and our expertise, we’ll be back before you know it with your worktops that fit perfectly into your kitchen.

Delivery and Installation

Finally, the last step of our process is delivery and installation. Again, this isn’t something you have to worry about, given that our well-coordinated team will do all the work. Well, deliver your new quartz worktops at your convenience and install them quickly. After that, all that’s left to do is enjoy your newly refreshed kitchen!