Royal Grey

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm

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Keep your surface safe

  • Simple Cleaning
    A splash of warm soapy water will do
  • Removing Stains
    Gently rub with an approved cleaner and rinse
  • Cleaning Products
    Use your regular home cleaning products
  • Preventing Patina
    Wipe away any liquid spills and splashes. The surface should always be kept dry
  • Caring for Dark Surfaces
    Patina and stains may be more noticeable. Cream-colored cleaning products are not recommended
  • Avoiding Scratches
    Always use a cutting board and clear away sharp objects
  • Heat Caution
    Always place hot cookware on a trivet or hot pad
  • Chemicals
    Prolonged exposure may damage the surface. Chemicals with high or low pH levels should be used with caution.



Step-by-Step Care

Everyday Cleaning

  1. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth or a non-abrasive scourer dipped in warm water mixed with a mild detergent. Thoroughly rinse with water, and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.

  2. Always wipe up wet spills, to prevent patina from forming.

  3. Check each cleaning product first on an inconspicuous area to ensure that it doesn’t damage the surface. The patina build-up may look like a light-coloured stain.

  4. Please note that Honed, Concrete and Rough finishes require more cleaning than our Polished finishes, and metalmarks, fingerprints and other signs of daily living may be more visible. However, most of these marks can be removed with little effort and non-abrasive cleaning products such as CIF cream or Cilit Bang Bleach & Hygiene.


Stubborn Stains

  1. Gently rub the area using a soft cloth or paper towel with an approved cleaner.

  2. Clean a larger area rather than the stain itself, in a circular motion.

  3. Rinse with water, and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.

  4. Repeat this process if the stain is still visible.


Dried Spills

  1. Reanimate dried spills and stains with water for several minutes

  2. Apply CIF cream with Bleach in a circular motion.

  3. Clean the surface with a damp cloth or paper towel.


Rust & Metal Marks

  1. Place a small amount of Barkeeper’s Friend® power spray or oxalic acid on a damp cloth. Do not use an abrasive scourer.

  2. Wipe away very gently, in a circular motion.

  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.

  4. Follow these instructions carefully to avoid damaging the surface.