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The Simple Elegance of BucksMarble

Marble Worktops

It’s difficult to think of marble as anything else other than timeless and classic. Out of all natural stones, marble is the most luxurious one, in name if not in price. Not that long ago, marble was a material that radiated opulence. It was something precious and rare, especially in homes.

Today, when marble is readily accessible, you can use it to introduce a piece of ageless nature into your home. One of the most elegant natural stones, marble is an excellent choice for any space. But don’t let the elegance fool you. Marble is also quite durable and can withstand a lot. That’s what makes it a solid work surface.

Exceptional Display

Much like other natural stones, marble is quite unique. There are no two slabs in the world that are identical. Therefore, when you instal marble worktops, you’re actually installing a piece of unique nature into your home. The texture, colour, and pattern will be unique to the slab that’s used for your worktops. So  your kitchen is an exceptional display of uniqueness.

Made to Last

Not many things are tougher than natural stone. Marble is durable and, when properly maintained, it will last you decades. Although more sensitive than other natural (and artificial) stones, marble is easy to maintain. No staining, scratching, or cracking will ruin your perfect marble worktops, as long as you pay attention to them.

Perfect Fit

No matter which colour and pattern you opt for, marble worktops will fit seamlessly into your kitchen. To ensure that’s the case, we’ll not only precisely measure but also fabricate and install your worktops with expert rigour, which will ensure that your future marble worktops are a perfect fit for your space.

Natural Beauty

And a Classic Look

One of the best benefits of marble is that it fits in pretty much anywhere. Because it’s a natural stone, it looks as if it belongs, no matter what you pair it with. Even high-tech appliances and an overall modern design will pair well with marble. Not to mention, traditional and retro designs will also go with this natural stone. Marble has a classic look to it. And that makes it timeless.

Aside from being a perfect chameleon of design, marble is also quite durable. When it comes to resisting heat and scratching and standing the test of time, marble has a leg up on non-stone materials such as laminate and wood. 

Whether it’s polished or matte, marble is a stone that will revitalise your space and make it look uniquely yours.

Interested In Our Marble Worktops?

The Benefits of Marble Worktops

Although many people understand that marble is a prime example of sophistication, not many know that it’s also one of the sturdiest materials out there. After all, it is a stone! Marble is resistant to heat and scratching. What’s more, it also maintains its temperature, no matter what. That means it’s the perfect cool working surface you always dreamed of.

Marble is also cost-effective. Although not the most affordable option out there, it brings more to the table than it costs. It’s an excellent way to add value to your home and make it have a more luxurious look.

Getting an Estimate

The first step in getting the kitchen of your dreams is picking the marble. Once you do, we’ll give you an estimate on the exact marble worktops that you need.

Precise Template Measuring

Because marble worktops are made to measure, the next step in our process is precise measuring. We’ll template your space and use the latest technology of pinpoint laser measuring to ensure that the marble worktops we cut for you will fit into your space seamlessly.

Delivery and Installation

After we template your space and cut the stone into worktop surfaces, all there’s left to do is deliver the finished product to you and instal it into your space. That is the most vital step of the process. With expert handling and finishing touches done by hand, we will ensure that your marble worktops are a perfect fit for you.