Quartz Worktops London — Choose a Local Worktop Supplier

If you’re doing a start-to-finish remodel of your kitchen, then you’re probably looking into some kitchen quartz worktops suppliers. Now, doing a kitchen remodel in London and looking for the best London worktop supplier is an interior design conundrum that some people get completely lost in. There are so many materials out there and so many different suppliers that it’s not uncommon to feel out of your depth.

But, no worries. BUCKSMARBLE is here for you. As the leading local London worktop supplier, we know pretty much all there is to know about picking the ideal worktops for your kitchen. 

Today, we’re dealing with an essential topic. First of all, which worktops material is the perfect pick for you (here’s a spoiler: it’s probably quartz worktops) and, second, why opting for a local London worktop supplier might make your life easier. 

Now it might seem as if these two topics aren’t really that related, but, if you keep reading, you’ll quickly see how they tie into one another.

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Quartz Worktops In London

If you’ve been following the trends and patterns in the London housing market, you probably know that the demand is high and the supply isn’t really within everyone’s reach. London is a nightmare when it comes to housing so if you have (or are renting) a property in London, you’re one of the lucky elite. 

But maintaining a property in London is no easy feat. If you’re looking to stay on trend or simply update what you already have, then a kitchen renovation is a must. As you probably know, kitchen worktops are the focal point of any kitchen, and you will need a good London worktop supplier to get the job done.

That’s why both products and suppliers must be of star quality. Low-cost worktops might be kind to your budget but they aren’t kind to the eye. What’s more, they show wear and tear more easily. 

That’s why many people decide to go the natural (or artificial stone) route. That’s especially true in London, where the overall trendy design is traditional with a modern twist. Now, that’s a pretty tall order, as you probably know. However, luckily, one material can deliver — quartz for quartz worktops.

The Engineered Stone Is Dominating the London Market

Quartz worktops have been on the market for more than a few decades. It’s by no means a novelty. However, it’s only recently gained in popularity in the London market, and the number of London worktop supplier shops is getting bigger with each day.

Now, houses and flats all over Middlesex, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Surrey have modern kitchens with sturdy, durable (and stunning) quartz kitchen worktops, usually done by a professional and experienced London worktop supplier.

Although natural stone also provides a solid surface for your kitchen, and although granite and marble worktops are as popular as ever, quartz worktops are slowly but surely trying to overtake them both. 

To understand why that is, you have to know not only all the benefits of quartz but also how quartz slabs differ from marble and granite ones.

luxury home and kitchen with sink. kitchen has a grey quartz worktop

What Is Quartz Anyway?

Quartz is an artificial stone. However, it’s composed of natural elements. Let us explain.

Quartz was first made way back in the 60s, when Marcello Toncelli, an Italian inventor, combined the sturdy quartz with resin to create a sturdy, more durable solid surface. 

Quartz, as any local London worktop supplier knows, is a naturally occurring material. It’s a mineral that’s quite common. Today, quartz slabs are made by grinding quartz as well as other natural stones such as granite and marble, into dust and combining them with synthetic materials such as resin and polymers. 

These synthetic materials keep everything together and make the result long-lasting. They can also color the entire mass which is one of the huge benefits of quartz worktops (but we’ll get to that later).

So, it’s clear that, although an engineered stone, quartz is still somewhat of a natural material, provided by your first local London worktop supplier. But is that all it’s got going for it?

The Benefits of Quartz Worktops

Of course not. When compared with other work surfaces, quartz comes up on top in most cases. We already talked about how it fairs against wood and laminate, marble worktops, and, of course, granite worktops.

For example, unlike granite, quartz is non-porous and, thus, easier to maintain. When compared to marble, on the other hand, quartz worktops are scratch and stain-resistant and don’t darken with age. 

There are other benefits of quartz as well as some downfalls that you should consider before designing your entire kitchen around quartz surfaces. If you’re not sure, you can always visit your next local London worktop supplier to gather more information.

Reliable and Durable

Some of you may know that granite has a lifespan of 100 years. Surprisingly (or not, considering that it’s a man-made material) quartz is even more durable. Therefore, it’s able to withstand quite a bit of use and pressure without showing any signs of wear and tear. 

Quartz was made with durability in mind, even with your local London worktop supplier. It was created because Italian designers wanted something as beautiful as natural stone but even more dependable. 

Stone worktops and natural stones, in general, have been around for decades (and centuries) and, although their durability is undisputed, they left something to be desired. That’s especially true for marble, the softest of all high-quality worktop materials.

Quartz, which can mimic both marble and granite, was a direct response to that issue. And, if we do say so ourselves, as the best local London worktop supplier in the market- it solved the problem efficiently and for good.

quartz worktop in a modern home with wooden cupboards

Easy To Maintain

We all know that London, unlike some other, less urban areas, is the capital of fast-paced life. People in London do everything on the go and rarely have time for those nuisances that make everyday life a hassle. 

Cleaning is one of those things. Of course, most of us struggle to find the time to clean regularly. We do it, sure, but we usually do it in a rush. That particular fact weighs heavily into the decision-making when it comes to interior design and home decoration. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining your work surfaces, then quartz worktops are ideal for you, and you should start working with your local London worktop supplier as soon as possible.

All you have to do is clean your quartz worktop with a cloth and some soapy water and you’re done! Quartz, unlike marble, for example, doesn’t require frequent maintenance. You don’t have to seal it every year to maintain a glossy finish (and keep it scratch-free). 

Magnificent Selection of Colours And Patterns

One of the biggest advantages of granite and marble is their naturally unique look and appeal. Natural stone looks amazing and goes with pretty much anything. 

Now, you’d think that quartz worktops, because they’re man-made, don’t have the same things going for them.

If that’s what you think, you’re only half right. Quartz is man-made, so it doesn’t have the colors and patterns that Mother Nature made herself thousands of years ago. However, it has artificial coloring. And do you know what that means?

It means that quartz worktops have an abundant selection when it comes to colors and patterns. The wide range of quartz slabs that you’ll find in BUCKSMARBLE, a leading London worktop supplier, isn’t something that’s out of the ordinary (although we are an extraordinary showroom). Quartz can be made in pretty much any color and with any pattern you want. 

In other words, quartz is more versatile than natural stone. 

Non-Porous And Completely Hygienic

Natural stone has microscopic pores in it that are a part of its structural makeup. Quartz doesn’t. Therefore, it’s essentially non-porous and, thus, completely hygienic. 

Those little pores might not seem like a big deal to you. And, in reality, they aren’t because you’d put sealant over them. However, they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which isn’t something that you want on a surface where you prepare food for your family.

This is what your local London worktop supplier is especially focused on- providing the highest-quality material worktops, like quartz worktops, to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

a wooden cutting board and a knife with meat

Stain and Scratch Resistant

The kitchen can often be a messy place. Even if you know your way around it (and you should, since it’s yours), things can still happen. You could drop that pot on the counter or spill vinegar without noticing. 

If you do that on quartz worktops, you probably won’t suffer any consequences. As an experienced London worktop supplier would tell you, quartz is famously not only resistant to scratches and chipping but also to stains.

Most food (as well as most kitchen cleaning supplies) can’t damage the outer layer of the material. Therefore, they also can’t stain it.

The Potential Downsides of Quartz Worktops

Of course, as magnificent as quartz is, it’s not without downfalls. No material, natural or artificial is without flaws. Thus, when weighing the pros and cons of quartz worktops, also consider the following:

  • Quartz isn’t completely heat-resistant — sadly, the natural durability that quartz has doesn’t extend to heat. Mind you, quartz can still endure plenty of heat, but a sizzling hot pan will likely damage it at least a little bit. Heat resistance is one of the features of granite that quartz simply doesn’t have. 
  • It’s also not affordable — as any local London worktop supplier would tell you, quartz is an artificial stone but that doesn’t mean it comes cheap. The manufacturing process is costly and the final price of the material reflects that. That’s especially true if your wants and needs go out of the realm of the ordinary.
  • Nor is it as unique as natural stones — natural stone worktops are cut from slabs that are mined in mines. That means that every worktop is unique when it comes to the specific hue and pattern on it. Quartz worktops don’t have that uniqueness. 

Local Suppliers for Quartz Worktops in London — the Ultimate Solution for Your Problem

Now that you fully understand why you should opt for quartz, let’s see why London quartz worktops are your best bet. 

If you’re from London or the Greater London area, it makes the most sense to shop locally and find the best and most-experienced London worktop supplier. Local suppliers have design teams that will help you decorate and design your perfect kitchen in that signature London chic style.

But, most importantly, picking a local London worktop supplier, such as BUCKSMARBLE is the best move because it will prove beneficial to you. 

Let’s see how, shall we?

marble worktops and white cupboards in modern kitchen

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Not having to go back and forth to a supplier that isn’t local will save you some gas. In these trying times, that’s not too shabby, is it? But that’s not all. It’s also more environmentally friendly. 

The same goes for your local London worktop supplier. They won’t have to drive long distances to deliver the product to you. It’s a win-win!

You’re Supporting a Local Business

Picking a local London worktop supplier and shopping locally has huge advantages. First of all, you’re supporting a small business. You’re helping someone who isn’t part of a conglomerate thrive in your area. 

That might not seem like a big deal, but in reality, it is.

You’re Strengthening the Community

When you support local businesses, you’re essentially supporting and funding your local community. This might seem like a “small town” sort of an issue, but it isn’t. Just because London and the Greater London area are huge doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from supporting your local community.

The small businesses in your area, like your local London worktop supplier, tend to support other small businesses. In essence, they put back everything they earn from you back into the community.

What’s more, the tax both you and the local business pay will be spent to strengthen and update the infrastructure both you and the supplier use. 

Again, it’s a clear win-win.

Local Businesses Offer Competitive Prices

In today’s globalized world, it’s difficult to stay afloat as a small business. That’s why most local stores, local London worktop supplier shops, markets, and showrooms tend to offer competitive prices. Otherwise, they’d go under.

Another benefit of shopping locally is that local businesses are invested in maintaining good relationships with their communities. They have a personal approach that many big, global stores simply don’t.

Therefore, when you shop at a local business, you’ll be treated like family. Small businesses like your next best London worktop supplier- rely on word of mouth more than anything else, so you’ll be treated with not only respect but also high attention to detail.

Get Your London Quartz Worktops from BUCKSMARBLE

If you’re looking for the best quartz supplier in London, look no further than BUCKSMARBLE, a leading and most experienced London worktop supplier. We offer bespoke worktops, materials of the highest quality, and exceptionally short wait times. That means that we can deliver a finished product to your home within days.

If you think that quartz worktops are the thing your kitchen has been missing, feel free to call us at 01494793515 or send us an email at info@bucksmarble.com!

Our design team will be more than happy to help you manifest your interior design vision and our stellar team of professional installers will deliver and install it at your home sooner than you could hope. As the best local London worktop supplier- we will get the job done. All you have to do is call!

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